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Service Description: Service that displays current state of the Surplus Lands Inventory. In 2021, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 2918, requiring that all Oregon city and county governments prepare and submit an inventory of surplus real property owned by the local government that is located inside an urban growth boundary or located in an area zoned for rural residential use. The bill directs the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) to develop and implement an electronic system for receiving and displaying a statewide inventory of city and county surplus lands. The intent of HB 2918 is to 1) increase local government transparency, 2) establish a centralized and comprehensive inventory of public-owned surplus lands, and 3) more easily facilitate the creation of public-private partnerships that reduce the cost of development, particularly the cost necessary to acquire land for the development of publicly-supported housing.

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Copyright Text: Department of Land Conservation and Development

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