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Projects/OCMP_Fellowship2011_EstuaryDiking (MapServer)

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Service Description: Layers included consist of: a) Location of levees, dikes, roads that act as levees, and jetties and rip rap that protect land from flooding. Location of levee features was digitized from LiDAR derived products such as Hillshade and Topographic Position Index Grids. Field work and participatory mapping techniques were used to verify existence of levees as well as to clarify areas where LiDAR use was limited. b) Polygons representing estuarine areas that are members of special districts such as districts for diking, drainage or other forms of hydromodification. Assembled from survey meets & bounds, legal descriptions, county clerk records and/or district map records.

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Service Item Id: 94dc4c998fe449e8bf06c614568fe75f

Copyright Text: Oregon Coastal Management Program, NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship

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