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Layer: Seabird_Colony_Relative_Ecological_Importance_USFWS_2017 (ID: 11)

Name: Seabird_Colony_Relative_Ecological_Importance_USFWS_2017

Display Field: SITE_NAME

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPoint

Description: This dataset consists of point locations for all known existing and historical seabird nesting colonies on the Oregon Coast (324 total). The relative ecological importance of each colony was assigned by OCMP, based on the following criteria, which were developed by seabird experts:• Importance level 1: Offshore colonies/complexes with ≥ 5,000 breeding birds, OR offshore or mainland colonies with Tufted Puffins, OR offshore colonies with Leach’s Storm Petrels or Fork-tailed Storm Petrels• Importance level 2: All rocks, reefs, and islands of Oregon Islands and Three Arch Rocks NWRs with breeding seabirds that were not included in Importance level 1, OR mainland seabird breeding sites with ≥ 1,000 breeding birds• Importance level 3: All other coloniesThe number of breeding birds used in the determination was based on the maximum observed count from 1979-2017.

Copyright Text: United States Fish and Wildlife Service Naughton, M.B., D.S. Pitikin, R.W. Lowe, K.J. So, and C.S. Strong.

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MaxRecordCount: 1000

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Supports Statistics: true

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